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At Victoria Rose florist we work very closely with families at difficult times having to make funeral plans, and their friends and associates who wish to send sympathy messages. We believe that flowers are an important social and cultural part of the funeral process.

Sympathy flowers have been an integral part of funeral and memorial traditions in nearly every culture throughout history. However many of us still have many relevant questions about which flowers to choose to best represent their loved ones.

Common Questions & Advice


Can there be a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ type of flower arrangement to give as a sympathy gift?

Sympathy flowers come in many different forms to match your feelings and your pocket, at Victoria Rose we keep our prices low and available to all, many of our arangement start from £20.

Traditionally sympathy arrangements can come in the form of letters spelling words, crosses, triangular or fan-shaped designs, hearts, easel sprays, and baskets, and the list goes on. Most common tributes include white chrysanthemums , carnations, chrysanthemums, glads, and lilies or roses, but they can also include any other favourite flower of the deceased or their family.

Most florists are happy to create individual floral tributes with more stylish designs and themes to suit your needs. You might want mixed flower arrangements that look as though they are “just-picked-straight-from-the-garden,” or you could choose elegant vased bouquets of European flowers, or maybe you would like a dramatic grouping of a single flower types, these are just some of the more contemporary choices, people prefer today.

You could choose baskets of green and flowering plants, these are popular as a gift that’s convenient for the family to take home after the funeral or even to give to a local hospital or charity. There are no right or wrong approaches in these situations the choice is completely up to you. The best advice we could give is to choose something that you think the family will appreciate.


Can some flower arrangements look too ‘cheery’ for a funeral?

Absolutely not.

A funeral service is our way of honouring someone’s life, and bright, colourful flowers can be a meaningful part of the tribute adding to beauty of what might be an otherwise sombre occasion. Flowers provide a comforting diversion –they help with closure – and are something to talk about or look at — during the visitation.

Of course, other colour schemes are also popular. Soft pinks, or purples, and other pastels can be appropriate for the feminine touch, whilst autumn tones can add a more masculine theme. White, is for peace, and red for love, these are all popular at funerals and can contrast well when combined.


Sometimes the family request a donation to charity ‘instead of flowers. Is it still appropriate to bring flowers?

Flowers often help us to say what can often be difficult to express, so they are always appropriate and in good taste.  You can express sympathy and show your respect for the deceased in a variety of ways, and these include charitable donations, evn food donations, or giving a helping hand, not just cards and flowers. Flowers can play a positive functional role, helping add warmth to the service and providing visible, emotional support that the bereaved may need during this difficult time.


How can I make my flowers stand out from the rest?

To make a floral tribute particularly special, create an arrangement that fits the deceased’s personality.

For example, a rustic basket of wild flowers for someone who loved the outdoors.

You could also include his or her favourite flowers or colours, a football team, or you could choose a flower or a phrase (nick name) that had special significance in your relationship with that person.


I am clubbing together as part of a group. What are some suggestions?

When groups, including siblings, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, friends, neighbours, business associates, or clubs go in together on flowers, you can make the arrangements very special and with a much larger display. These can include standing sprays and wreaths. When sending flowers together, include a contact name and address on the card so that the family knows whom to thank.


Is a cremation different to a burial?

A tasteful floral tribute adds beauty to any type of service, a traditional burial or a cremation. Recently cremation has become more common in many areas, and you will find florists will have specific suggestions.

You may choose a piece designed for an urn display, a casket or flowers that can be enjoyed in the home after the service.

What can I do, If I only found out about the death after the funeral was over?

Sending flowers to the home after the funeral can be very comforting, and a welcome reminder that friends haven’t forgotten. Research shows that bereaved family and friends very much appreciate being thought of after the funeral. And that all is not forgotten. You can leave a personal note or simply write ‘we are thinking of you’ in your message along with the flowers. A message of support that you can offer will let the family know you care.


How do I know what to for when I visit my florist?

Your florist will help you with thist, so you don’t have to be an expert. They will happily guide you.

But still, here are some commonly used terms by florists, which may help.

Wreath – A presentation of flowers often used because a circle symbolizes eternal life.
Spray – Flowers designed to be viwed from one side only. These can be placed on an easel stand.
Floral Arrangement – An assortment of fresh flowers in a vase, basket or a container.
Casket Spray – You will see these on top of the casket, and are usually ordered by the family.
Inside Piece – These are small floral designs that are placed inside the casket such as satin hearts, nosegays or small sprays.

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