Benfleet Florist – Funeral Do or Don’t

Benfleet Florist – Funeral Do or Don’t

Benfleet FloristWearing a black suit or sombre black dress may make you feel that you are breaking out into the funeral mood or customs or that your simply just not offending anybody at the funeral. In any event it is a must to dress in a traditional manner, however there is a lot more to the funeral etiquette when it comes down to it. This is why sending appropriate funeral flowers and where to send them should be considered.

The following are just a few Do’s and Don’ts for the funeral

Benfleet Florist1 Do – offer and express your sympathy. Now we may lack the correct words to say but simply keeping it short and saying “Sorry for your loss” is more than enough.

Don’t dig yourself into a hole and say the wrong things this will just make things a lot worse.

2 Do – find what out what the correct dress code will be – It is traditionally accepted to go in dark coloured clothes. However tat modern events almost anything can be worn. The deceased may have even written a will asking for mourners to dress in certain styles. Often the family of the bereaved may also request the mourners to come dressed a certain way.

Benfleet Florist3 Do – send gifts – These can be funeral flowers however they should be traditional if you were not familiar with the bereaved and did not know their favourite flowers or tastes.

4 Do – sign the registration book and print your name along with other any details such as your place of work because this may be helpful to the family to know who sent them.

5 Do – keep in touch with the family members – because everything does not always end at the funeral day. You can still can send flowers even after the funeral. This shows the family members that they are still in your thoughtsand and this is very comforting to them.

Don’t s

1 Do not send funeral flowers when the family has asked for charitable donations instead.

Benfleet florist2 Do not just send your flowers without first consulting the funeral home, or asked family members or even the florist for advice on flowers.

3 Do not send flowers in a hurry due to being late and leaving things to the last minute at either the funeral home or where the funeral service is to be held.

4 Do not be afraid of smiling – There is no rule con-straining you from smiling out of something during the funeral. You will find this may be comforting as well.

Benfleet Florist – Funeral Do or Don’t

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