Benfleet florist: funeral or sympathy flowers?

Benfleet florist: funeral or sympathy flowers?

Benfleet florist: funeral or sympathy flowers?Henry Beeche once said “flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into”. Flowers are reasoned to be the foremost medium that is be used for expressing your feelings in both a state of joy as well as sorrow. Losing people we loved, and the passing of acquaintances, is one of the saddest occasions of our life’s and there is no better way to express our condolences than sending flowers to those who are grieving. But be sure to keep in mind when sending flowers to the bereaved family, that here is a difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers that we need to clarify before placing an order.

Here is a short guide to highlight the basic differences between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers:

Benfleet FloristIf you plan to send floral arrangements to the family home instead of the funeral home you will need to select a sympathy flower arrangement to show your feelings without going overboard. Sympathy flower arrangements are traditionally small bouquets that one can place to ornament a table or the front entrance to the house.

However if you plan to send a funeral flower arrangement, these can be much larger in size and they should be visible wherever they are placed, regardless of where you are standing or seated.

Benfleet florist: funeral or sympathy flowers?Funeral flowers are traditionally chosen by close family members, close friends or relatives and will usually be designed with the religious beliefs and traditions of the deceased in mind. While white may be the most preferred colour and used in designing the funeral flower arrangements, based on your personal relationship with the deceased you could choose more appropriate colours that represent the deceased more accurately and will help convey your feelings. Sympathy floral arrangements can likewise be designed using white monochrome chrysanthemums, or may be used as an assorted mix of colourful blooms.

Benfleet florist: funeral or sympathy flowers?In many modern funerals a Cross, or heart shaped or even circular flower arrangements will often comprise a large part of the funeral flower arrangements. You can use easels to stand your arrangements and wreaths which are often the most preferred choice for funeral flowers, although sympathy bloom arrangements can be assortment different flowers types and colours arranged in a tasteful vase or basket.

Benfleet FloristTiming will also play a large role in distinguishing the difference between funeral and sympathy flowers. Funeral flowers are traditionally sent at the earliest and will mostly be delivered to the church or the funeral home before the arranged visitation times. If there was a delay in receiving the news about the person’s death and you were unable to attend the funeral. You may still offer your condolences to the family just by sending them some sympathy flowers even months after the funeral.

Benfleet FloristBeauteous flowers will always help in providing some temporary if although a fleeting distraction to the grieving family. With a little care, and thinking about the likes and or dislikes of the deceased you can order a tasteful flower arrangement that will conveys your thoughts and feelings. And if you try to gather information about the religious or no religious traditions followed by the deceased’s family, because in some cases such as Buddhism and Judaism, flower arrangements are often not preferred as they can cause distractions during prayers. Display your affectional assistance and express your feelings well with a taseful and appropriate funeral or sympathy flower arrangement.

Benfleet florist: funeral or sympathy flowers?

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