Benfleet Florist – Special Flower Meanings

Benfleet Florist – Special Flower Meanings

Benfleet FloristMany people are a little astonished that the different colours of flowers can have different symbolic meanings. When people experience a friend or family who unexpectedly dies they are not always prepared when they attend the funeral. You want to send something to show your respects. One suggestion is to send a flower arrangement to the funeral, to express your feelings of loss and sympathy to those who are grieving.

Benfleet FloristWhen you visit the florist, you can explain your situation and the florist will take the time to deal with you directly. And walk you though the difficult task of picking the right sympathy flowers and colours. The first thing you should know is that although there are many traditional style funeral flower assortments, it can usually be acceptable to design something that has a special meaning to you or the deceased. However remember, this is your way of expressing your feelings, not the florists’. This is your chance to celebrate the life that the deceased had shared, and to let his or her family know how special they are and how special he or she was. You can spend as long as you need with your florist to go over the meanings of the various different sympathy flower types and colours.

o Blue flowers are classed as calming. They will represent peace, openness and serenity.

o Pink flowers are classed as representing youth, innocence, joy, grace, refinement, and happiness.

o Purple flowers are classed as being connected to royalty and success. These are symbols of dignity, pride, accomplishment and admiration.

o Red flowers are classed as expressing love, passion, strength and desire. Red flowers can also symbolise beauty, courage and the heart.

o White flowers are classed as showing reverence. They are also associated with innocence, humility, modesty and elegance.

o Yellow flowers are classed as being fun, and representing joy and being light hearted. They are also a symbol of friendship and trust.

o Orange flowers are classed as signifying confidence, satisfaction and having a passion for life. Orange flowers also are classed as showing energy, enthusiasm, warmth and pride.

o Green flowers and foliage are classed as demonstrating optimism and renewal. There is a link between green flowers and resilience, and are classed as showing good health and good fortune as well as youthfulness.

o Lavender flowers are classed as representing femininity, refinement, grace, and elegance. Violet flowers are classed as showing delicacy and that something is precious.

Your florist may also explain that no matter what the meaning behind the sympathy flowers and colours, it is also a great idea to choose colours and types of flowers that have had a special meaning to you, the deceased, or their family.

Benfleet Florist – Special Flower Meanings

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