Benfleet Florist – Which flowers for sympathy?

Benfleet Florist – Which flowers for sympathy?

Benfleet FloristWe use flowers as icons for many reasons. Flowers can be sent to people when a sad occasion has disturbed their existence, and as an expression of your love and affection, we can send symbols of our encouragement, and to sympathise. Flowers are our way to let people and others know that we are thinking about them, both in good times and bad, however it is in the sad times the bad times where we need to know that we are beiung supported by others, especially in times of grief.

Sympathy Flowers

Benfleet FloristFlowers chosen for sympathy are for sure not meant to take away the pain of grief, this is a natural way to purge our grief in these devastating times. However, they are a gesture that is a suitable way to let family members and friends know they are not alone at this sad time; that can be consoled inn the knowledge that they have always got you by their side. It is both an honourable gesture, and a gesture of kindliness, and a symbol of respect. Sending flowers shows those grieving how the deceased touched your life the one your sending the flowers to.

Types of sympathy flowers

Benfleet FloristThe decision on which sympathy flowers are the best to send is a matter of personal choice. Many argue that lilies are the best however others may argue that yellow roses are an endearing expression of comfort and love. Some people have their preferences and also their favourites. You may have probably have even visited a funeral home, looking at all the different flower arrangements on show. It is not that uncommon to see flowers on display that do not look like what you imagine to be traditional funeral flowers.

Benfleet FloristAlthough, the blooms that seem to be favoured and have proven the test of time, to be an satisfactory sympathy flowers are those blooms that are composed of a variety of different colours. It is quite astonishing how many people when buying flowers to show sympathy do not also think of the colours of the blooms. However, many people do. Having something as simple as choosing your favourite colours can be more than adequate.

An ideal solution is buying flowers that were the favourite colours of the deceased, if you know or can find this out, or also finding if they had a favourite flower. If not you can also go with, pastels these make a very suitable choice and are always safe to go with either lilies and or roses. Light pastels such as reds or pinks makes a wonderful display of colour of flower to show sympathy.

Artificial or Real

Benfleet FloristWhen sending flowers we usually decide first if we are going to use real or artificial flowers. Real flowers have a scent that is very sweet and gives grieving friends a pleasant response to the blooms. However, if you want them to last them for a long while once in their home, you may want to send artificial flowers. Artificial flowers can also have a candle or another centrepieces included that makes it an ideal gift. If you know if the person your sending the flowers likes real or artificial, it helps when choosing sympathy flowers.

Perfect flowers

Benfleet FloristAll in all, it’s fair to say that the best flowers are going to be those that are colourful. The blooms should a favourite flower of the deceased or the person your giving them to. If your not sure, then either roses or lilies make a great choice. As for real flowers or artificial flowers it depends on what you would like to send and why.

Benfleet Florist – Which flowers for sympathy?

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