Butterfly Garden Landscapes

Butterfly Garden Landscapes

Butterfly Garden Landscapes A few of the most beautiful animals in the world are butterflies. Rich in colour and life, these insects are a pleasure to behold. Many species of butterflies became extinct as their living space and food supply are threatened by humans. An individual might help protect them or increase their numbers by making a butterfly garden. Butterfly garden landscape works by growing plant that attract butterflies. Done properly, this type of garden can be paradise for insect wildlife. The first thing to do in butterfly garden landscaping is to find a sunny spot in the garden. Butterflies need the sun’s warmth for their wing muscles to work efficiently.

Butterfly Garden Landscapes You can usually see them stretch their wings out in the sun, warming up enough to fly. It’s also important to put up the garden in the area that’s clear of strong winds. Butterflies don’t like strong winds and will avoid these types of places. The next thing to consider in butterfly garden landscaping is to choose the plants well. There are four factors to bear in mind when making the selection. Butterflies are attracted to bright colours and robust fragrances. Second of all, the plants should produce nectar since nectar is a staple food for butterflies. Planting different varieties of nectar producing flowers will attract even more especially since some species are particular about the kind of nectar they eat.

Butterfly Garden Landscapes Third, choose flowering plants which will bloom at different times in season. This may ensure that the garden will be colourful and attractive to butterflies. It ensures a constant supply of food for different species of butterflies. Fourth, the garden should also have a lot of host plants for the butterflies to lay their eggs on. The best host plants are the leafy ones where they can be source of shelter and food for larvae and caterpillars. Providing an area with a rocky ledge is also a wise idea for effective butterfly garden landscaping. Butterflies frequently perch on rocks to bask in the sun.

Butterfly Garden Landscapes With the garden being an ideal habitat for butterflies, it’s vital to avoid the use of insecticides. Such plants already developed resistance to local pests and disease, reducing the need for pesticides. Introduce other creatures like earthworms, ants or beetles. These insects eat up other insects that prey on flowers. Effective butterfly garden landscaping will reward the gardener with a beautiful view of those lovely creatures.

Butterfly Garden Landscapes

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