Discussing Funeral Flowers

Discussing Funeral Flowers

Quite recently my friend lost her mother to cancer. She was worn down and It had been a difficult and long battle. My friend had only very little time to adjust and even to begin to accept that her mother was going to die.

Even so, it was very long distraught journey for her when she did finally pass over. She said that no amount of time or pre knowledge can really help her and take away the pain of losing the most important connection in life she could ever have.

It was obvious to everyone that she was having a very challenging time. They had been all so very close.

It was a very deep-felt loss both for my friend and her family. I wanted to show my support and sympathy over her loss.

Discussing Funeral Flowers I did not know my friend’s mother at all, so it was a little difficult for me to give her personal advise, so we had to talk a little about her mother and share some memories with her. Its important to correctly express your sympathy and support in these times.

I decided to talk her through the different types of sympathy flower baskets available. She was actually surprised by the different types of sympathy flower baskets that are available.

There is a the classic white arrangement. A basket with white Matsumoto asters, white alstroemeria and mini white carnations encompassing a large white Asiatic lily. Another approach is to use a touch of baby’s breath to pull it all together. She could have a nice pink and red combination with roses, snapdragons and carnations, this represents hope and sweet memories.

Discussing Funeral Flowers We also discussed a wonderful basket of yellow, an arrangement of roses, lilies, sunflowers with eucalyptus, and other green foliage. The colours and flowers can show that the memories of the deceased would always be cherished.

My friend had no idea that the different colours and flower combination’s could have special meanings, and that a basket could be designed to be calming. We looked at an arrangement full of cream coloured flowers and large green foliage.

Discussing Funeral Flowers Even so she had no idea what to send. She did not want to pick a run of the mill sympathy flower basket, and wanted something bespoke and individual. With a little help and direction, it is nice to put some personal thought and feeling into it.

I finally helped my friend discuss what she thought her mother would have liked. It was strange – helping a friend like this, however when I asked about what flowers her Mother liked my friend started to really talk about her mum.

Discussing Funeral Flowers Somehow, by asking about what she would have liked helped het to think about more than the fact that she was gone. It gave her an opportunity to re-visit some good memories, and dwell on some funny and loving positive moments. It was interesting I found out more about her mum in those few moments than possibly many people could have. Her mother sounded like a wonderful woman I would have like to have known. She adored vibrant red green and purples. She also had a great fondness for gypsophilia and she loved yellow, and mostly less fond of  traditional white funeral flower colours.

I was able to help her with this information she gave me and used it to create an non-traditional sympathy flower basket.

I tried to use only the flowers had given my friend positive memories of her mother. I also like to think that the basket I had made up for her helped her cope with the stress of the funeral and her deep dark feelings of loss; its healthy to bring up some good memories of times she and her mother had together.

She loved the flower display and she actually took it home after the funeral.

Discussing Funeral Flowers

by Brian

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