Flowers in the Doghouse

Flowers in the Doghouse


Flowers in the DoghouseAnd today is the 3rd Anniversary of the Get Out From the Doghouse Day and the Month of February becoming an OFFICIAL HOLIDAY. And it all started when a customer came into Victoria Rose Flowers and said ,Help, I am in the doghouse., I answered, not a problem, we focus on doghouse repairs. This could come as no real surprise to you that ever since the beginning of time, us Men folks found ourselves in the doghouse. Picture just how much a problem Adam would happen to be in if he’d not eaten that apple. He could have needed to spend the night or nights in the man cave with his dogasaurus.

Flowers in the DoghouseBut that is another story. For so long as I could remember, folks happen to be coming to my shop and saying Help, I am in the doghouse. And so started what would 1 Day became a national holiday. Needless to say, Get from the Doghouse Day isn’t actually a party. I mean how might it be? Its more of an observance. Because all the time folks are seeking something to smooth things over., While blooms can easily help get in the thought’s great graces, it’s simpler to be forgiven when the wrongdoer is remorseful, true and he advertising a touch of romance.

Flowers in the DoghouseNow, I am not proposing you SOLICIT Forgiveness, I’m indicating that bringing home a bouquet and being open to talking about it out will give you an increased possibility of getting from the doghouse.

In 2014 my team and I ran a questionnaire of girls as well as a survey, who said that although they preferred to talk about their problems, in addition they believed blooms were an intimate solution to ask for forgiveness.

Flowers in the DoghouseFor guys the answer was considerably more straightforward. They favour makeup love. Perhaps adding petals around the home as well as on the bed to be romantic! So the next time you have been relegated to the kennel, have a think about blooms, blooms let us face it indicate a love affair, and a love affair is what the majority of folks truly need. So the next time you have been in the doghouse, bring home a bouquet and also a readiness to discuss things out in the open and you can find yourself from the doghouse and back in the main house.

And recall, Victoria Rose Flowers specializes in flowers and doghouse repairs.

Flowers in the Doghouse

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