Funeral Flower Etiquette

Funeral Flower Etiquette

Funeral Flower EtiquetteFlowers sent to the family are sympathy messages for comfort, serenity and hope. A lot of people choose to send flowers after several days and up to a week or so after the deceased has passed on and after the family has had time to adjust to their grief. It is also a nice gesture is to send sympathy flowers to the family home after the funeral to remember the bereaved and show that you’ve not forgotten about them or their loss. Even after a couple weeks have passed since the death, Flowers are still a reassuring reminder that friends are still thinking about the family during their grieving process. A plant, a compassion food basket or even a little to mid size designed flower arrangement can often be sent to the home of the family.

Funeral Flower EtiquetteAny number of flower arrangements can be sent and are received as a welcome gesture, including table centrepieces, or a small vase with flowers. Some choose a little basket of green plants, accentuated with a flowering plant for colour. In the case that the deceased was Jewish the immediate family may maintain a Shiva in their home for 7 days after the passing. In these situations it is customary for friendss and colleagues to visit the home and pay their respects to the family, this is called paying a Shiva call. Desserts, fruits and Kosher food baskets are the usual gifts . It is important to note that sympathy flowers are not appropriate for a Shiva call.

Funeral Flower EtiquetteIn several cases, and especially in Jew cultures, fruits or gourmet baskets are greatly valued by the family who’s receiving guests throughout the mourning period. This type of present does double duty, providing your condolences while also helping to care for friends and the family. Have a look at our post for Writing Card Messages. Messages for Sympathy Flowers

Funeral Flower EtiquetteWhile many of us think of flowers to convey compassion, sympathy plants are also completely lovely as well as a lasting way to show your support to the grieving family. Plants may be enjoyed for months, even years, following a funeral and may stand as a memorial to the lost cherished one.

Funeral Flower EtiquetteWith regards to expressing your condolences in a classic manner, nothing is more stylish than the usual mixture of all white sympathy flowers. White blossoms have long represented humility as well as reverence, while also sending a note of loyalty. Bear in mind that the sympathy arrangement does not necessarily have to be dark as well as sombre. In this difficult time, you might help remind the family to celebrate the life which was lived. Flowers add fragrance, colour, and beauty to an otherwise sombre environment and provide a soothing diversion. An arrangement full of springtime colours – pink, yellow as well as lavender really are a lovely reminder of hope as well as rebirth.

Funeral Flower Etiquette

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