Funeral Flowers Angel Wings

Funeral Flowers Angel Wings

Angel Wings are the symbol of lightness, spirituality, and the recognition of flying and rising up to heaven. Angel Wings are symbolic of the soul aspiring towards a higher condition of existence, in short the aspiration to transcend to a higher level. Scientifically Angel Wings are related cognitive skills, of imagination, thought, freedom and success.

In Hindu culture, Angel wings are seen as the expression of freedom to leave all earthly things behind through contemplation and you to reach Paradise. The Rig Veda tells us that Angel Wings are Intelligent, swifter than any bird. The story of the Universal Architect creating the world with the movement from his winged arms.

In ancient Egypt, winged gods were the protective gods. They protected creatures by covering them under their wings, and by surrounding walls, buildings and temples that were adorned with a winged image of Amon-R on the doors. Butho, the snake, and Nekhebet, the vulture, represented Lower and Upper Egypt, and gave birth to a winged snake symbolizing the union of Earth and Heaven.

In pre-Columbian cultures, wings were associated with the Sun, and adopted the form of the eagle in Mexico, and the form of a condor in Peru. These birds were the symbol of the sky up to where they could rise. The bird represents regeneration, the work completed on Earth, that allows the flight from one world to the next.

In Christian tradition, Angel Wings are associated with the light from the Sun of Justice that illuminates your Intelligence if you are Just. God protects man with the shadow from his wings (Psalm). Angels are the most purest manifestation of winged spirit.

In Greece, Hermes had winged heels, a symbol of the traveller and the messenger, of dreams. The Greeks represented Love and Success with wings, and according to Plato, the wings represent Intelligence and Understanding.

Funeral Flowers Angel Wings

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