Funeral Flowers Basildon

Funeral Flowers Basildon, Shoeburyness to Stanford le Hope

Welcome to Victoria Rose Flowers. We are situated in Benfleet Essex, and we pride ourselves on our friendly service, funeral flowers and floral tributes. We can deliver our flowers to your home address or to the funeral directors of your choice.

Victoria Rose is based at the flowerShop at Benfleet Station, and we are capable of delivering to a large area in Essex, covering Shoeburyness through to Benfleet, Basildon and Stanford le Hope.

So wherever you are Victoria Rose Flowers can cater for all your occasions including; weddings, funerals, parties and a wide range of gift bouquets.

Floral Tributes

We specialise in Floral Tributes, and as such we realise the difficulties you have when a loved one has passed on, there is a lot to do and worrying about the financial burden should in reality be the last thing you need to think about. We understand this at Victoria Rose and this is why we choose to keep our prices low helping you with your budget to assist you as best as possible to grieve at this sad time.


Since the very earliest days of burial, placing flowers on graves to pay tribute and honour the deceased has been an important tradition, probably because for many people it has an iconic process to help grieving for our loved ones and helps us both socially and psychologically in finding closure and acceptance of our loss.

Over time traditions have changed, in the not too distant past the deceased were often laid out in the home for days before the funeral, in those days large floral tributes were a necessity and today they have grown in popularity and adorn almost all caskets in modern funeral ceremonies.

Symbolic Icons

The grieving process is different for us all, and so flowers can hold different meanings for each of us. For some of us floral tributes are just the perfect way to say goodbye to a loved one, the act of placing the flowers, the way they look, the way they smell, and even just the way the flowers of love and friendship.


Regardless if your a friend, or family member, it may be that your not be as close to the deceased as their very nearest and dearest, but sending floral bouquets as sympathy flowers can still be a helpful and important comfort to the family in addition to being a tribute to the deceased .

Modern tributes with flower arrangements are often individually marked for the deceased – with funeral letters that read ‘mum’, ‘dad’ or ‘nan’ sometimes people even have objects and pillows made out of flowers like cars, guitars and other personal items.

Tribute Types

There are many different types of floral tributes that you can choose for the funeral of loved ones. These Range from flower bouquets to casket sprays, wreaths and sheaths that can personalised and incorporated in many ways into the funeral ceremony.

It is usual for the closest family members to arrange displays like the casket or funeral spray. These may be presented in many forms with the flowers being chosen specially to reflect the personality, wishes or indeed the preferences of the deceased and these are generally the flower arrangements that you will see placed on the coffin or casket during the burial ceremony.

For most religious funerals, the floral tributes can take the shape of crosses or any shape that may be appropriate. For less religious funerals, the tributes can the shape of hearts, pillows or other treasured possessions, and these are also a common choice and are ideal for making a funeral as personal and heartfelt as can be possible.

If your looking to send sympathy flowers to the family of the deceased, then wreaths, baskets and posies are often all very appropriate choices.

However you should note that some people prefer not to receive flowers – and indeed in some religions and cultures flowers may be deemed inappropriate – so it’s a good idea to check with the family first, and if floral tributes are not possible at the funeral itself, you could always send sympathy flowers to their homes instead, if floral tributes are not possible at the funeral itself.

Choosing Appropriate Flowers

Which flowers Are More Appropriate

According to the occasion different flowers, both types and colours can mean different things, according to culture and society. So, it’s important to put a little thought into the flowers you choose.

White colours can represents peace and reverence, blue for comfort and calm and pink can signify grace, love and admiration and yellow for friendship and red for love.

Lilies. Roses, carnations, and orchids are great flowers for funerals, however you can always choose the deceased favourite flowers which is also specific and personal to them.

The idea of creating a floral tribute for your loved one who has passed is an important part of your closure in the grieving process, not just for you but everyone who attends the funeral.

This way you can ensure that you create the perfect tribute to the memory of your loved one and give them the send off they deserve.

 Funeral Flowers Basildon, Shoeburyness to Stanford le Hope

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