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What is the difference between funeral and sympathy flowers

Funeral Flowers Essex

Choosing your flowers: Funeral or  Sympathy flowers

Many people believe that funeral flowers and sympathy flowers are the same thing when in fact they’re both somewhat different.

It is true that flowers are the cardinal symbol for showing sympathy to those who have lost a loved one, but there is still a difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers.

If you wish to send flowers to the home of the grieving family, instead of sending them directly to the funeral or church, it’s important that you choose something appropriate.

In general sympathy flowers are much smaller in size than funeral flowers. Funeral flowers, are usually designed to be large enough that they can be viewed from every angle.

Who would choose funeral flowers?

Traditionally, funeral flowers are for close family, friends or select relatives. These are the people that know the deceased and therefore have close knowledge of their religious beliefs, tastes and favourite flowers.

These core factors of familiarity with the deceased should be considered when arranging funeral flowers. Regardless of choosing your floral display based on species or shade or type of arrangement, it’s important to choose an arrangement that reflects your loved one’s or the deceased tastes.

When it comes to choosing your funeral floral arrangement, you will find that there are many diferent designs to choose from, including flowers arranged in the shape of a cross, heart, pillow or any shape you can imagine, your flowers can reflect images of the deceased or you may choose flowers that spell out a name or quote.

Wreaths used to decorate the coffin or casket and are usually less elaborate and simpler in style, and entail fewer different shades of colour.

When to send Funeral or Sympathy Flowers

Its important to note that sympathy flowers and funeral flowers are often sent at different times.

Funeral flowers should be sent as soon as possible.

This helps both the church staff and the funeral director and gives them time to arrange the floral display prior to the service beginning.

Check with your funeral director as late deliveries can be a no go as they can cause disruption to the service. If you’re unsure of timings, you can send a bouquet of sympathy flowers to the home of the grieving instead.

Flowers show people that you’re thinking about them and a carefully crafted bouquet is the perfect way to express your deepest condolences.

On such desolate occasions, it’s always a kind gesture to show your love and support with flowers at a time when words can be difficult.

When sending Flowers, From lilies to a box of roses or a vase brimming with classic, vintage freesias, its a nice way to help brighten up a loved on such a sad occasion. However if you can, try to send a bouquet that has been pre-prepared in a vase – as the last thing those who are arranging a funeral want to do is spend time looking for a flower vessel, delivering flowers or watering plants.

Funeral flowers

If you were very close to the deceased, you may choose to send both funeral flowers and sympathy flowers.

This can take a little more time and organisation and you may need to arrange things closely with the direct family or church or funeral director in order to ensure you get things right.

In most cases, the immediate family who choose the Casket Spray or Shaped Wreath tributes. So its important to discuss your theme for funeral flowers with the family members and close friends prior to purchasing your bouquet, wreath or floral arrangement.

There may be a particular flower or colour scheme.

Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy flowers are more versatile in style and you don’t necessarily have any set colour, size or shape. You can choose what you think is appropriate for the person you giving it to and regardless of which design you choose, it’s always the thought that counts, just write a short nice message on a card to send with them.

Tips for which flowers to send

There are just a few factors to remember when choosing funeral or sympathy flower arrangements. Your decision will often depend on your relationship with the family or the deceased, whether you will be attending the funeral and what floral tributes the family have ordered.

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