Funeral Flowers for Men

Funeral Flowers for Men

Helping you find a fitting arrangement for your friend, best friend or loved one

Funeral Flowers for MenMen can go one of two ways when it comes to flowers, they’re a bit like Bovrill. Its true many of us men are awkward creatures when it comes to giving flowers, but many also love to grow them along with fruit or vegetables and take pride in the garden, so what do you choose for flower arrangements, when its time to organise a funeral?

Finding the best type of funeral flowers for a man may seem a little daunting, but it’s probably simpler than you might first think. We’d like to help you at a difficult time to go through a few ideas, to help you find a fitting arrangement for your friend, best friend or loved one.

How close your relationship is to the deceased will determine to a great deal which arrangement you may want to provide for the funeral service.

Choose your type of arrangement.

Funeral Flowers for MenIf you’re a very close, relative or a friend, and if you’re responsible for the casket spray (the arrangement of flowers that will sit on top the coffin) and any casket decorations be they bouquets, floral pillows, or other types of arrangement that may be placed inside the casket, or on the hearse.It is a very popular approach to spell the name of the deceased or spell out your relationship such as ”, “DAD”, “BROTHER” or any other endearing term or nick name.

Or If you are a more distant relative, co-worker or friend, you can send table arrangements, floor baskets, sprays, wreaths, pillows, crosses or hearts.

Choose the colour Scheme.

Funeral Flowers for MenThus the Colour scheme is perhaps going to be the most important factor, but it is made easier considering the flowers for a man’s funeral. As culturally we have built associations between flowers and masculinity and femininity, so you can use certain flowers and colours to make the arrangement more masculine.

It is common to avoid light pastels and rich gemstone shades. To make the colour more masculine choose white blossoms or vibrant reds, maybe even tropical, blooms. If you want to use the softer colours, blend them with deep dark greens.

If you don’t want to settle on just one colour that represents your lost loved one in someway, consider personal memories or habits or experiences for inspiration. Basing the design of the arrangement on something personal is one way to pay tribute to the life he lived or you shared while he was here.

Funeral Flowers for MenOr maybe you just want to honour his lifestyle, or his favourite hobby or even his lifelong love for a football team. If he was a nature lover or avid outdoors-man, you could go for a nature feel and incorporating grasses, moss, small branches, pine-cones or large leaves.

The time of year may be taken into consideration

If you’re still struggling to settle on an idea or colour arrangement, you may be able to find some inspiration from the season. If it’s springtime, seasonal arrangements range from soft to to bright, creating a neon effect, adding greenery (mosses, grasses, over-sized leaves, chrysanthemums and other green blossoms) to keep the masculine effect.

Or tropical flowers in the summer and hot pinks and bright greens to deeper earthier tones in Autumn, whilst winter could beg more rich red blossoms roses, poinsettias and white flowers.

Funeral Flowers for MenLast but not least – A close look at his Interests

You can pay tribute to his personality or Interests

Was he fanatical about sport, a specific sport, a team?

Many, florists can shape an arrangement to celebrate his favourite team.

For example, flowers can be arranged to represent a football, a rugby ball, a golf cart or golf club, to make a very personal arrangement.

Maybe he loved trips to a certain part of the world, he may have loved the ocean, been a sailor, maybe he loved poker – you could have a playing card for an arrangement.

Funeral Flowers for MenMaybe he was religious, how about a cross or a bible.

Maybe he loved cars or a specific car.

Think on his hobbies, his interests, and what he did for fun.

If you knew him well, you should be able to come up with a few ideas.

Above all this will help your clearly remember your loved one in the very best ways, the funeral is an important point in creating closure and starting the grieving process, many of us feel this is a pain that will never die, these flowers will give you strength on the day to help you through possibly the most dramatic time of your life. Whatever flowers you choose they will always be just the right ones for you and the departed.

Funeral Flowers for Men

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