Flowers for Funeral Options

Flowers for Funeral Options

A few ideas that may help you choose the flowers for the funeral you are planning..

Flowers for Funeral Options

Funeral Flowers

If your not quite sure which flowers to choose for the funeral your planning your florist will be able to assist you in “putting a nice arrangement together,” however you may like to find out a little of the social and cultural messages that your flowers might actually be portraying.

When looking at flowers, the artistic arrangement you choose can tell a little story about your loved one or indeed tell us a little about the relationship you had with them. If the deceased was the love of your life? Or perhaps a close or even a distant family member? Or indeed a very dear friend?

Thus we have put some ideas together that may help you make the right floral decision.


Smells are important memory joggers, if you have been somewhere and recognised a scent and thought that it smells like a funeral home. The chances are that you will find a lily nearby. Many people consider the white lilly as an icon for funerals and remembering loved ones. The lily is often considered in Christian and Western society as the go-to all funeral flower and there’s some very significant meanings behind this highly aromatic flower. It has been told that Lilies are believed to be a conduit of the soul and they are suggestive of  helping  the soul from the deceased return to a peaceful state of innocence and allow them to rest in peace. Many Christians think the lily is a symbol of  purity, virginity, and radiance of the spirit, it is also widely believed in Christian theology that the Virgin Mary’s tomb was covered in lilies.

Peace Lily Plant

The obvious difference here is that this is a plant not a flower, however like the flower, the peace lily plant is also a cultural symbol of innocence and rebirth of the recently departed soul passing over to a greater place.

This is an ideal plant to give to someone who is grieving. Many people love how long this plant lasts in their home and is also appropriate for the office, or workplace.


Roses are an all-round flower and in a similar way to lilies they also have many cultural connections with passing, making them a very common and appropriate flower for funerals and funeral tributes. However each colour rose can have a slightly different meaning. White roses are often considered to be the ultimate symbolic representation of spirituality, purity, and innocence.

However for funerals, the classic deep red rose can evoke a significant feeling of love and grief, and the pink or dark pink roses are believed to express thankfulness to the deceased. Whereas the yellow rose is often used to show bonds of friendship,

You can use roses mixed in with other flowers in a casket sprays, standing sprays, or wreaths.


Orchids have a universal meaning for love regardless of what colour they are.

Orchid plants can be used as special gifts and last longer than orchids that have been placed in an arrangement.


Chrysanthemums are very popular flowers in funeral tributes, their meaning however varies globally. In America and Europe, and most western cultures, their meanings focus on sympathy, respect and honour, and the colour plays a major role in their meaning red is a symbol of love, whereas white is a symbol of innocence.

Important Differences

Its important to note that in Asia, chrysanthemums are a symbol of rebirth and are more often related to baby showers than for funerals.


You will see that Carnations are very often used in funeral tributes, wreaths and standing sprays, often mixed with other flowers, and each colour has its very own meaning.

Red indicates affection and white indicates innocence. However for Catholic and some Christian funerals, the pink carnations can be a good choice as in Christian faith it is thought they were created from the “Virgin Mary’s” tears.


Hyacinth’s are mostly used in arrangements as part of other assorted flowers. There are some thoughts and cultural symbolisations that the hyacinth represents prayers for the deceased and denotes the anguish of the mourners.

Important note

Some people believe the hyacinth is a symbol of sports and games, so be careful not to offend.


It is a little none fact, however Hydrangea’s are a symbol of true heartfelt emotions, and as with the peace lily, the plant version of the Hydrangea always last longer than the cut flower.

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