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 Funeral Tributes Southend on Sea / Stanford le Hope to Shoeburyness

Funeral Customs by religion, Ethnicity, and Culture – Part 2

Buddhist Funeral

funeral tributes southend-on-seaThe traditional Buddhist flower of mourning are white flowers which are generally sent to the family.  An important difference here is to note that sending red flowers or gifts of food are not considered good etiquette.

However you may make a donation to the family or a charity of their choice in the name of the deceased.

At the viewing, candles and incense will be used until the body is moved on to the cemetery or crematorium. When you visit you should greet the family and offer your condolences, then walk toward the casket and bow, you can then either stay for a while or leave. Visitors often make financial donations to the family or charity at the viewing.

The funeral service will be conducted by a monk at the funeral, and guests are expected to bow slightly toward the body (if it is in an open casket) this is a sign of appreciation of impermanence.

White is generally worn by the family and friends will often wear black. As a friend you may visit the home of the deceased’s family after the funeral but not before.

Hindu Funeral

funeral tributes southend-on-seaThis service is usually conducted by a Hindu priest and the family members. Traditionally the ceremony is followed by cremation within 24 hours after death. Mourners will dress casually in simple white clothes and should arrive empty-handed. It is important to note that mourners do not bring flowers or gifts to the funeral.

Also guests should not attempt to exchange greetings with the official mourners, but just nod or hug in sympathy – very little should be spoken. Generally you will see flower garlands and mixed seasonal arrangements of flowers in the open casket. As a guest you will be expected to view the body.

Ten days after the death, they will have a ceremony at the home of the deceased to liberate the soul and make it ready for its ascent into heaven. If you are invited to visit the home at this time, you should bring gifts of fruit.

Asian Funeral

 Funeral Tributes Southend on SeaAsian funerals welcome white or yellow chrysanthemums as a sign of respect. In China, Japan and Korea, the white chrysanthemums are symbolic of mourning and grief. However yellow chrysanthemums can also be the traditional flower at funerals. In Chinese culture, the family wears white at the funeral but they will not wear any jewellery or any red clothing, this is because red is the colour of happiness. Before sending and funeral flowers to an Asian funeral, it is best to contact the funeral home or a friend of the family or a relative who will be able to provide you with more information.

Muslim Funeral

funeral tributes southend-on-seaOpinion can vary as to how appropriate it is to of sending flowers to an Islamic funeral. Some argue the Islamic emphasis on simplicity makes the gifts of flowers unsuitable. However Others think that sending flowers can be appropriate.

The best option here is to ask the local religious leader or the family if its ok to send flowers. If they are, then fragrant flowers such as roses are more popular. Also palm branches, and greens, or individual flowers that can be placed on the grave.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

– Mormon Funeral

funeral tributes southend-on-seaIt is appropriate to send floral tributes and these are encouraged for a Mormon ceremony, except be careful not send anything in the shape of a cross. This is important as crosses and the crucifix are not permitted, as Latter-day Saints strictly believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ.

Funerals wll be conducted by the bishop of the deceased’s congregation, this is done typically within seven days of death and it may take place in a church, funeral home or at graveside.

Funerals are not normally held inside a temple. It would be appropriate to visit or contact the family to offer your condolences both before and after the funeral. A modest attire (suit and tie for men; dress or suit for women) are considered appropriate. However no head covering is required. And the guests will typically attend the burial following the service.

 Funeral Tributes Southend on Sea / Stanford le Hope to Shoeburyness

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