Gangland Funeral Flowers

Gangland Funeral Flowers

Gangland Funeral FlowersGangland figures including former 1960 overlord Eddie Richardson turn out for funeral of ill-famed enforcer Mad Frankie Fraser. Tons of mourners assembled for the funeral of Frankie Fraser now. Chris Lambrianou, 78, and gangsters Eddie Richardson was among several mourners pay their respects. Fraser was an enforcer in the Richardson Gang – also known as the infamous torture gang in the 1960 s. Frankie Fraser died aged 90 on Nov 26 after being taken to King’s College Hospital and falling critically sick. Following the ill-famed enforcer died in hospital last month in the age of 90 mourners gathered for the funeral of Mad Frankie Fraser.

Gangland Funeral Flowers78, former gangster Eddie Richardson, was among those that turned out to pay their respects to one among the most feared criminals in the capital in a crematorium in South London now. The pair were part of the Richardson gang – also known as the gang that is torture – where Fraser was the enforcer of the gang, and he had a reputation as the most sadist gangsters in London for yanking people’s tooth out with pliers and ill-famed. Additionally in the funeral was former henchmen to competing gang leaders Ronnie and Reggie Kray, Chris Lambrianou, who had been convicted for his participation of the 1967 murder of Jack The Hat McVitie, as well as one of the great train thieves – Welch Bobby – who attended a wheelchair.

Gangland Funeral FlowersFraser fell severely ill and was taken to King’s College Hospital in South East London last month, he underwent a procedure and was set into an induced coma where. When his family made a decision to switch off the life support life in November 26, he was on the intensive care unit. Relatives say physicians failed to see a break in his leg if it were seen before afterword, and believe he might still be alive. They’re apparently planning to sue the hospital. After he joined turf wars between London gangs in the sixties, Fraser had been among the last surviving star offenders.

Gangland Funeral FlowersBefore being an associate of the broadly dreaded Richardson gang, which contained Eddie’s buddy Charlie, he was a bodyguard to infamous Gangland Chief Billy Hill, where he took part in the bank robbery and carried razor blade strikes – which earned him £, 50 a time. He’s spent 42 years – nearly half his life – . The previous gangland leader was given an Asbo last year after flying into a fury with a fellow pensioner at his attention home. Family and now buddies dressed in black where homage were placed as they attended the funeral, including a rose which said absolutely unafraid, not crazy’.

Gangland Funeral Flowers

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