Magnolia Trees

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees have been initially seen in European gardens from the late 1688. These trees are able to be found naturally in wetlands, like ponds areas, streams as well as swamps. It is more prevalent in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama plus Georgia, plus they could likewise be found in Tennessee, Texas, NY and even in Arkansas. These Sweet Bay Magnolia trees are also deciduous or evergreen depending to the climate of the area. I

Areas to grow – magnolia trees Sweet bay could grow in sunny spots and semi shady places. They need a damp environment for they need damp soil. Blossoms- start in late spring and may last until late summer. Sweet bay magnolias create 2 – to 3 inches white blooms. Sweet bay magnolia fruits – produces a red fruits that attracts a broad range of wildlife, including turkeys and songbirds. These trees have many uses, but they’re usually utilized as an ornamental tree. It is appealing, plus it is a well liked plant in well known gardens plus parks. They’re popular to many people because of its stunning and clean foliage, rapid growth, and big extravagant aromatic blooms in addition to their fruits.

These plants are extremely resistant to harm caused by ice storms. Other areas that have been worn are for the horticultural applications, for the reason that they’re giving an extremely architectural effect to any one of the landscape designs. The woods of the plants will also be very helpful, plus it is smooth plus even grain which makes it simple for working. It’s widely utilized in the production of containers, furniture, plywood, pulp, certain types of wood plus pulpwood.

Magnolia trees

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