Selling Flowers and Training Staff

Selling Flowers and Training Staff

Selling Flowers and Training StaffAm I a bad salesman.

Lol No Really. I ask myself this all the time when I am working

in my flower shop.

I just hate having to sell, In the sense of being pushy, jumping out at potential customers, because I also hate being sold by ambitious shop staff. You too?

HOWEVER, I do actually consider myself to be a good listener and that, I think is the real secret to success and over the years in learning how to deal with people, I think this is one of the main reasons people come back, not too mention the flowers.

Selling Flowers and Training StaffThe flower industry runs into problems whenever we concentrate on selling a service or product instead of HEARING a customer’s needs. When you listen, you discover MANY opportunities to help clients choose the appropriate and proper item. The hilarious thing is, clients usually spend more whenever you adopt this approach to serving them as opposed to following the old-fashioned, ignorant path of asking, “How much do you would like to spend?” Guess what, they don’t know plus they want your help!

Selling Flowers and Training StaffHow may you become a better listener? It’s easy, just slow down and pay more attention to the consumer. For instance, if he sounds exasperated after dictating a lengthy apology message to you, assure him that everything will be okay and that you could help him pick the right flowers to express his remorse. Then give him the opportunity to spend a lot on something really special. In the end, he’s desperate for forgiveness! If he doesn’t want to spend what you’ve suggested, he’ll let you know and share his spending budget.

Don’t be scared of hearing, “I don’t want to spend that much.” You may always move down to something less extravagant, but you can never move up if you begin small. Pay special attention to the details clients share when they tell you their card messages. Listen for the celebration of milestone birthdays and anniversaries, occasions for which you should offer bigger designs.

Selling Flowers and Training StaffIf you hear an extensive list of names on a funeral order, say something like, “On behalf of such a big group I recommend one of our larger plants priced at…” In a nutshell, sell to the card message; it’s your guide to helping clients choose the perfect present! Shoppers rely on us for our opinion. How frequently do you hear “Is that enough?” or “Is that going to look nice?” or “What do you think?”

Selling Flowers and Training StaffLISTEN to those questions and give professional advice. Here are a few non pushy things you can tell! Spending more will allow us to add more flowers for a fuller look.” “It’s going to look beautiful BUT if you wish to make more of a splash, consider spending closer to..“I think that looks great AND you can personalize the flowers with a Happy Birthday balloon for just…”  Therefore, if you truly want to sell better, stop thinking about selling! Focus your energy on listening, engaging clients and making realistic suggestions. And remember, don’t sell from your very own pocket! Do that and sales will soar!

Selling Flowers and Training StaffGiven that you’re thinking differently, you need to ensure your staff is too. To start, lead by example and start offering prices and selections relevant to the customers’ needs. Make certain to share those success stories with your staff and explain how you changed your thinking (even when you’ve been working in floristry since for ever!). Consider doing some role-playing and discussing options based on the sentiment, relationship between the recipient and sender, and the number of individuals that the present is meant to represent.

Selling Flowers and Training Staff

By Brian

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