Sympathy Flowers

 Messages for Sympathy Flowers

When your sending a sympathy card or a note of condolence with your flowers or gift, many people find it difficult to know what to say or write, and indeed struggle to find the best phrase to portray their thoughts and feelings.

It’s a difficult time and you want to say the right things.

Thus we have put together a short list of some appropriate and warm sympathy messages to help you write a sympathy message on your card.

You may wish to individualise your message by combining some of these phrases to help you write a message that feels natural and comfortable. The most important thing whilst writing this is to pick a sympathy message that feels rightt. Be your message for a close friend, a neighbour or a loved one; you will want to feel that you are acknowledging, and helping them in their grief and help honouring their loss.

It is more personal to pick a sympathy message that includes a sentence or two that shares a memory or connection to the deceased. This is because many people relate the message in the card with their own personal memories and this helps them in finding closure.

If you can help them recall all the wonderful and special memories, with their loved one, or if you can share some particular aspect of your relationship with the deceased, it can help bring warmth to their grieving heart.

However if you never had a personal relationship to the deceased, you can still help them grieve with Just a short message of sympathy will always be appreciated.

 Messages for Sympathy Flowers

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